Men’s Fellowship

Members of this fellowship are drawn from the category of the oldest men in the congregation. Many of these people have reached the top in their respective places of work, either in the public or private sectors and are therefore very busy people. When some of them are not tied down in their offices, because of their very busy schedules, others, who are in the private sector, are often on business trips outside llorin. The current President of this fellowship is Dr. A. S. Adebola. The group meets on every Thursday at 5:00pm in the church premises.

Among the activities of the fellowship are when members celebrate with those of their members who were recently blessed by God in various ways. “Jericho Walk”, is another new programme of the group when, periodically, members are encouraged to walk over a fairly long distance, in order to keep themselves physically fit. The “Witness Box” is another programme of the group that provides its members with the opportunity of listening to mature and experienced Christian families sharing their Christian experiences. Visits were also made to Motherless Home, church mission field, and prison to encourage the inmates and present them with gifts.  Invited guests are also brought in from time to time to speak on current issues in politics, business and health-related matters. The talks are always examined from a Christian perspective. On more than two occasions, the group had joint meetings with the members of the Ladies’ Fellowship, ‘where there were frank discussions on family relationships. Problem areas were painstakingly highlighted and solutions to them were then suggested, often from a Biblical perspective.

The activities of the group have provided its members, a deeper relationship that is both spiritual and social which would not have been possible if interaction had only been limited to the Sunday morning service.